Business Telecommunications

Next Telecom Fiber

Giving your business the choice of fibre services on multiple carrier networks.

Next Telecom is a provider of business grade fibre services across Australia. We can offer multiple carrier solutions that best fit your needs, location and IT requirements.

Redundancy plays vital role in your office contingency as IP Voice, Data and Hosted services are now all carried over your fibre service. Next Telecom can offer your business dual fibre links on separate carrier networks.

Our business fibre offering includes 50Mbps, 100Mbps, 200Mbps, 400Mbps, 1Gig and further bandwidth offerings.

Next Telecom also provides to its corporate customers Dark Fibre, Point to Point, MPLS, Data Hosting, Virtual servers.

Cloud IP Telephony/VoIP Hosted PBX

A high performing, reliable Voice Over IP / VoIP Hosted PBX solution.

A host of additional features, minus the hassle and expense.

Next Advantage on the Broadsoft Platform or on the Next Advantage Enterprise Platform is a sophisticated, high definition voice and video platform with all the functionality of a traditional phone system, with a host of additional features, minus the hassle and expense of maintaining your traditional business phone system.


End on-site equipment hassles and costs with a feature-rich, hosted contact centre solution.

Next Telecom is a leader in the telecommunications industry in providing hosted cloud Ip Telephony. Next Advantage Enterprise is designed, owned and fully managed by Next Telecom. With over 10 years’ experience in project management, delivery and installing cloud telephony.

Next Advantage Enterprise can be delivered with handsets or with softphones or a combination, our product is suited for businesses from 10 handsets up to 500. Combined with power features such as call recording, call centre and live reporting in the cloud it makes collaboration of data and voice seamless.

SIP Trunking/Voice

Next Telecom SIP.

A premium SIP voice service carried over a National MPLS network

Next Telecom now offers sip capped plans combined with a data service, giving you one price for SIP + DATA + CALLS.

SIP Voice enables you to converge voice and data onto a single access connection.

SIP Voice is a premium voice service carried over a National MPLS network. By utilising Voice Over IP, SIP Voice enables our customers to converge their voice and data offerings, such as Internet and IP VPN, onto a single access connection.

Business Mobile Services

State of the art online billing management for mobile services.

Mobile fleet management is vital to managing costs and stock control of your mobile fleet. With Next Telecom’s business user reporting you can control call costs easily, without having to resort to carrier call record requests. Managed online, our reports allow you to view cost centres against mobile services.