IT Security

Web Security

Websites and web applications are just as prone to security breaches as physical offices, stores, and government locations.  Unfortunately, cybercrime happens every day, and great web security measures are needed to protect websites and web applications from becoming compromised.

That’s exactly what web security does – it is a system of protection measures and protocols that can protect your websites or web applications from being hacked or entered by unauthorised personnel.  This integral division of information security is vital to the protection of websites, web applications, and web services.  Anything that is applied over the Internet should have some form of web security to protect it.

Web security can be provided in a variety of ways. Some ways of delivering web security are:

  • Agent based
  • Gateway based
  • Cloud based

Managed Endpoint Security

In business cybersecurity, a network endpoint is any electronic asset that is connected to the business’ network and transmits/receives data.  Some examples of network endpoints include desktops, notebooks, smartphones, tablets, IoT devices, and point of sale (POS) terminals.

To protect these network endpoints, organisations need strong endpoint security.  Information Potential can assist with determining the most appropriate endpoint security for your organisation including providing ongoing management of the chosen solution.


Network Security

Protecting against increasingly sophisticated attacks, corporate, government and enterprise organisations need a full range of advanced security tools that can be complex to manage and deploy. Due to this complexity, limited budgets and a shortage of cyber-security experts, many organisations are moving to centralised cloud deployment solutions such as Security as a Service (SECaaS)

Information Potential’s Network Security solutions gather, filter, and prepare raw packet data for processing by intrusion prevention, intrusion detection, security forensics, and other specialised security solutions.

Email Security

Since email is the attacker’s top choice for ransomware and targeted attacks, organisations need the best email security protection available. Information Potential have some of the most advanced blend of cross-generational threat defence techniques, with proven methods to find more phishing emails and malware. Our email solutions combine central management and threat sharing with other security layers to improve your visibility and overall protection.

Whether you need to comply with GDPR, PCI, HIPPA or local regulations, Information Potential’s integrated data loss prevention has over 200 templates to simplify setting up and managing compliance initiatives.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is an authorised attack on a business network to simulate a hacker’s attempt to breach perimeter defences.  These tests are usually performed to highlight potential weaknesses within the network that could be exploited to extract sensitive company data.

Penetration testing is an effective way to evaluate IT networks by revealing weaknesses that viruses, hackers and other destructive elements can exploit to harm your company.

Our security experts apply the latest security scan and penetration testing methodologies and tools to discover where your network is weakest.  In close collaboration with our clients, we provide customised network penetration testing services according to the organisation’s goals and the system’s requirements.