Microchip Delays

Avoid Disappointing Delays

We’re always looking for ways to help out our customers and we wanted to make sure you’re kept up to date with the ongoing issue of stock delays.
The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in many factory closures during 2020 and a huge increase in demand for everything required for working from home. Most factories have been back online since late 2020, however they are still trying to catch up with the backlog of orders, and are hampered by continuing global shipping constraints. It’s not just the IT industry that has been affected, but every industry that relies on microchips.

We sent out an article in July about the problem. In case you missed it, it’s here.

While we would normally be planning for end of year projects in Oct-Nov, we’re asking customers to think further ahead. Lead times are stretching out to 3-6 months from order.

Place your orders sooner rather than later.

The shortages are expected to continue well in to 2022. Even if you haven’t finalised all your requirements yet, give us a call and start the discussion. Planning ahead will put us in the best position to help you achieve your technology goals.

Technology Affected:

• CPUs.
• Displays – including notebook displays.
• Network chips – including notebook docks.
• Motherboard chipsets.
• Graphics cards.
• Webcams.
• Headsets.

Business as usual

Our systems maintenance and support services are unaffected. Our managed services team are working hard to ensure clients’ systems experience no disruptions. We’re still available for all your regular support needs.

Our technology experts are here to help customers understand their workplace needs and assist with designing their technology strategy.